It is almost inevitable that the best laid plans will suffer change; foreseen and managed, or driven by circumstances beyond your control. Change can have a dramatic effect on the obligation to complete on time.


Our extensive construction and engineering experience means that we understand the effect of change on the construction programme and the difficulties that delay causes. The effects of delaying events can be complex to determine and understand, so it is essential that they can be explained clearly, simply and supported with fact and logical analysis. The difficulty in doing so increases significantly where there are concurrent or competing delays the culpability for which is contested or perhaps shared and which can affect the criticality of construction activities.

We are experts at forensic analysis, identifying delay events which have an effect upon completion and addressing address claims for extension of time, advising on liability for prolongation and disruption costs and the imposition of liquidated damages.


We utilise the most appropriate techniques and methodology to suit the particular circumstances of the project. We address, in detail, the issues of criticality and concurrency according to the latest case-law, current thinking and accepted good practice. We have an excellent understanding of the established retrospective and prospective methods of delay analysis.

We also utilise a wide range of the most common planning software packages to capture and interpret data and produce graphical analyses to demonstrate entitlement.