How resolution happens

By establishing the facts and obligations under an agreement. By explaining. By listening. By understanding the pressures driving both sides’ positions. By diffusing unrealistic expectation and establishing sensible parameters of reason. By seeing the bigger picture. By telling it as it is, sensibly, rationally, robustly without closing off the opportunity to compromise when it arises. By narrowing the differences. By third party intervention when necessary.



Pragmatically. Whether claiming or responding, our experience allows us to investigate, test the basis of entitlement and present each position as simply, clearly and accurately as possible. We analyse the positives, highlight the negatives, compile and interrogate the substantiation; we provide prompt commercial, technical and professional support as necessary to reinforce or rebut the points of contention.

Quantex Consulting guides and represents clients through negotiation and formal dispute resolution forums as required. We have excellent track records in representing clients in construction adjudication, mediation and arbitration, operating independently or in tandem with existing legal advisors.

Resolving Step By Step